Professional Animal Homeopath

Twyla Brooks DCH

Animal Homeopath

Twyla Brooks received her first Diploma in Homeopathy with the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy with Director, Murray Feldman. She went on to apprenticeship with Julie Anne Lee of the Adored Beast, the Animal Wellness Centre and Healing Place Holistic Vet Clinic. She went on to study another three years completing her Diploma at the College of Animal Homeopathic Medicine. That is seven years of full time education on Homeopathy. Twyla is the most educated practicing Homeopath for Animals in all of North America. She has been using her skills in a full time professional clinical practice as soon as she graduated in 2008. She has been invited to teach her skills at the school from which she graduated.

Squamish is very fortunate to have her services available at their doorstep. People bring their pets to Twyla all the way from Vancouver, Port Moody and Whistler.


2 thoughts on “Professional Animal Homeopath

  1. I would really like to talk with Twyla. She helped us so much when we went to the “healing place’ In North Vancouver. Our Golden Retriever Cooper is now 11 and needs some homeopathic attention.

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